Its not about us

It it about you and your your customers.

The better you connect with your customers the more value you can deliver.

The more the will want to work with you.

The more valuable you will become to them.

That translates into more for you.

And…. if you want to know who is behind MyBusinessToolbox and why we are working so hard…

We are Brenda Crompton & Robert Hubbs. We both started our first businesses at a young age and made a lot of mistakes. Then later we started businesses that did well. We started building MyBusinessToolbox.com in 2009 to build a place where Entrepreneurs and Business People could easily and quickly go to get the tools and techniques they need to create better results in their business.

Meanwhile we also wrote a book about our adventures in showing business how to be more profitable.

Leaking Money Book





MyBusinessToolbox has gone through several iterations in the years since we got started. In the beginning we built all the tools we needed from scratch, because that was the only way possible. Now we use many of the overwhelming number of available tools that handle everything from content management, email management and lead pages management.

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Contact either Robert or Brenda now at 1-403-451-8024 or 1-888-893-8778 or email info@mybusinesstoolbox.com to arrange a private 45 minute discussion on how our team can find you a minimum of $10,000 in additional profits in your business right now guaranteed!

Plus, we will gift you a signed copy of our book “Leaking Money: How Your Business is Losing Money, Opportunities and Customers, and How To Stop It”.

To Your Success!